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Please read Information for Clients before you entrust us with translation. In order to ensure high quality, please arrange translation as soon as possible, and give us enough time to translate your materials. If possible, please provide references.

I. Reference Prices of Translation
The fee of document translation depends on many factors such as language, words, delivery term, emergency, technical difficulty degree of content, difficulty degree of typesetting and image processing, special requirements of client etc. Therefore, translation fee of each project shall be calculated independently. (For more details, please send your enquiries.)

Language Price (Yuan/ 1000 words)
English<--->Chinese 180~300/1000 words
Japanese<--->Chinese 220~320/1000 words
Korean<---> Chinese 220~320/1000 words
French<---> Chinese 240~340/1000 words
German<---> Chinese 240~340/1000 words
Russian<---> Chinese 240~340/1000 words
Other Languages<---> Chinese 300~460/1000 words
Foreign Language<---> Foreign Language 400~700/1000 words

1. Text shall be charged according to number of Chinese characters and marks in WORD document. Characters shall be counted without the space; text less than 500 words will be charged as small document; if original text is not in electronic form, we shall provide clients with paper sketches, words will be counted in the form of "line multiplies column", and the final words will be effective after clients confirm.
2. The least translation fee is above 100 Yuan, words less than 1000 shall be calculated as 1000, certificate and bond shall be charged by piece.
3. Quotation of small document such as certificate or credential is 100 Yuan/Piece or Page for English to Chinese translation.  
4. Clients who sign Long-term Cooperation Agreement with our company, clients of specific projects, and agents in other regions shall not have the above limitations, and they can enjoy the preferential treatments: Texts have priority to being translated and being assigned translators, and translation fee can be settled monthly.
5. Emergency: If translation of document exceeds the normal delivery time, emergency fee ranges from 30%–100%.
6. Prices and time for special fields, unusual languages or documents with specific requirements shall be negotiated with the clients.
7. If clients have large amount of texts or specific requirements (such as Website or software localization), they can negotiate with our Customer Service Executive according to actual conditions.

II. Reference Prices of Interpretation

Language Common Business Negotiation (Yuan/Day) Middle and small-sized Conference (Yuan/Day) Large-sized International Conference (Yuan/Day) Simultaneous Interpretation(Yuan/Hour)
English 800-1500 1500-2500 2500-4000 600/Hour above
Japanese/ German/
French/ Russian
1200-1800 1800-3000 3000-5000 800/ Hour above
Others 1600-2000 2000-3000 4000-6000 1000/ Hour above

1. Normal interpretation workload is 8 hours per day;
2. Extra work will be charged. 4 hours or less shall be charged as half a day; 4 hours or more but less than 8 hours will be charged as 8 hours;
3. 30% additional fee will be charged in case of a business trip, and client shall cover interpreter’s expenses of food, accommodation and transportation
4. Prices for unusual languages or special fields are negotiable.

III. Translation prices of Audio /Video of Film, TV Scrip, Tape, VCD etc.

Chinese/English Chinese/Japanese, French, German, Russian Chinese/Other Languages
250 Yuan/Minute 280 Yuan/Minute 320 Yuan/Minute
Note: The prices include translation, dubbing, and a copy of video tape etc.

IV. Translation Proofreading
  • English/ Japanese/ German/ French/ Russian: 100-160 Yuan/ 1000 words.
  • Prices of other languages are negotiable.
Special Notes:

  • The quotations are limited to clients in Chinese mainland.
  • Clients in other regions can ask for prices by calling and email, and contact with Yuda.
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