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Please read Information for Clients before you entrust us with translation. In order to ensure high quality, please arrange translation as soon as possible, and give us enough time to translate your materials. If possible, please provide references.

      Shenzhen Yuda Translation Co., Ltd. is a professional translation company registered in Administration for Industry & Commerce, provides with multi-lingual interpretation and translation services, copy writing, proofreading, editing, localization of software and website, typesetting, desktop polishing, relevant design and creation services. Our company has a group of professional experts, editors and translators graduated from key universities and came from abroad with rich translation experience.
      Our company has established a set of comprehensive internal quality management system and strict operation process, because we know that translation is not just lingual and literary explanation, but is lingual expression of excellent spoken English, slang, and technical terms in the style and meaning of source text according to context. As for problems in language and specialty, we constantly insist in looking up information and consulting with experts. We solve problems completely and ensure accuracy and authority of translated text.
      Since the foundation, our company has been well received by clients because of our advanced operation concepts, strict quality management system, high-quality service, excellent hardware facilities and network technology, and has became one of famous provider of translation service in the nation. 
      In the process of operation, we believe in the business concepts "Specialization, Good Faith and Fastness" and deeply know that translation quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, is relevant to its growth. Our clients can feel the faithful attitude and the professional service of the enterprise in the process of our service. The first service is consistent with the last service which we provide for clients, and we ensure that further service is more excellent. We write "Good faith" into the cooperation framework, which is the basis of the promotion of common progress. 
      China is more open-minded in 21 century. China is integrated with economy of the world. Language is the bridge to collect with economy, technology and culture of China and abroad, plays more important role, overcomes lingual obstacles, share advanced knowledge and concepts of the world. Shenzhen Yuda Translation Co., Ltd. will be a bridge to help you to overcome lingual obstacles and succeed.

Enterprise's Mission: World-oriented   Communication
Service Principles: Specialization   Punctuality   Good Faith
Enterprise's Action Goals: International Standards    Long-term Development   Reliability 
Staff's Action Goals: Responsibility   Groupwork   Improving

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