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Please read Information for Clients before you entrust us with translation. In order to ensure high quality, please arrange translation as soon as possible, and give us enough time to translate your materials. If possible, please provide references.

Our Statement
1. Our clients shall have copyright of translation documents and have rights to translate the documents. We will not provide translation and proofreading for unclear documents.
2. Translation shall be solely on the basis of original texts provided by clients, shall not be added, deleted, made up, and guessed. Our company shall be only responsible for accuracy of translation, and shall not bear any responsibilities of law, economy and other aspects which clients take advantage of texts translated by our company. We have rights to refuse to translate texts with content violating relevant laws and regulations of People's Republic of China and international conventions.
3. Translators usually refer to original texts or typeset according to general formats. Clients can have specific requirements.
4. If clients'  target texts are confidential, please inform us with prior written notice. Our company will deal with them specially, and will sign Confidential Agreement with you.
5. We can only reserve the right of authorship, and clients shall own and dominate other rights.

Understanding Translation Industry Objectively and Truly
1. The work of translation is hard mental labor with strong specialty, translation time will rise proportionately to quality. If documents are not urgent, clients shall give us plenty of time to polish our translation.
2. Those who engaged in translation shall know that, even an excellent translator cannot be competent for translation of all industries. Translation company needs to classify texts according to industry, find the fittest talent and provide clients with professional and pure translation service.
3. Client should understand that translatability and untranslatibility exist in translation. Because two languages cannot have two words with absolutely equivalent meaning, and each language has many expressions, it's a natural phenomenon that translation has minor errors. As for texts with strong specialty, clients can provide corresponding assisting materials such as previous translation, vocabulary, reference or manual, and explanation of profession background of source texts and usage of target texts.

Attach Importance to Promotion Materials
With the globalization of the world's economy, information localization tends to be hot, China's market is walking towards internalization, and takes part in violent international competition. Any enterprise shall pay more attention to its image, especially its promotion materials. However, promotion materials of some enterprises make mistakes, and have weak logic and wrong terms, which damage external images of companies. Therefore, please attach importance to promotion materials.

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