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① Evaluation &Quotation
② Analyzing Assigned Copies
③ Professional Translation
④ Proofreading
⑤ Final Polishing
⑥ Editing & Typesetting
⑦ Delivery
⑧ Quality Following-up
⑨ Establishing Database of Industry Terms
Please read Information for Clients before you entrust us with translation. In order to ensure high quality, please arrange translation as soon as possible, and give us enough time to translate your materials. If possible, please provide references.
    In order to make your payment terms easier, we will provide multiple payment terms of translation fee with you. Please send us a fax copy of remittance after the payment, which shall be used as your pay order.

Checking Account
Account Name: Shenzhen Yuda Translation Co., Ltd.
Bank: Shenzhen Ping An Bank, High-tech Park Branch
Account No.: 0412100189070

Cash Account

Bank:  China Construction Bank, Shenzhen Branch
Account No.: 6227 0072 0045 0902 269
Name: Li Taimei


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