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① Evaluation &Quotation
② Analyzing Assigned Copies
③ Professional Translation
④ Proofreading
⑤ Final Polishing
⑥ Editing & Typesetting
⑦ Delivery
⑧ Quality Following-up
⑨ Establishing Database of Industry Terms
Please read Information for Clients before you entrust us with translation. In order to ensure high quality, please arrange translation as soon as possible, and give us enough time to translate your materials. If possible, please provide references.

 Architecture, metallurgy, mechanism, aviation, automobile, law, green building, food, telecommunication, computer, biochemistry, information technology, hotel management, medicine, medical equipment, IT, trade, business, finance, electron, communication, petroleum, energy sources, environmental protection, textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, paper making, agriculture, optics, psychology, industry automation, civil engineering, offshore operation etc.

『Translation Range』

Common Documents: Letter, enterprise planning, letter of intent, resume, invitation letter, briefing, marketing material, training material etc.
Law Documents: Regulation, ordinance, pact, judgment, document, contract, statute, agreement, notarization, certificate etc.
Assessment Documents: Tender, asset assessment, estate assessment, audit assessment, invisible asset assessment, feasibility report, and land assessment etc.
Literary Documents: Prose, poetry, advertisement, and psychology.
Business Documents: Import & export trade, finance, insurance, personnel, financing, marketing, market, official letter, annual report, securities, and tender.
Technical Documents: Technical standardization, information technology, operation introduction, bidding & tender book, business plan, letter of credit, and operation manual.
Industrial Engineering: Bidding for large-sized project, product instruction, index manual, installation manual, user’s manual, tender document, industrial standard, technical standard, and economic trading.
Personal Information: Resume, admission application, degree certificate, school report card, proof material, notarial deed, visa application, correspondences, invitation letter, power of attorney, international certification etc.

Escort interpretation, on-spot interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, news release, business negotiation, large and middle-sized conferences.

Website localization
Software localization

Desktop Polishing
Typing of Chinese and foreign languages; Typesetting, scanning and providing Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF formats and relevant binding and printing services.

Supporting application programs and versions

Software Platform Version & Language
Adobe FrameMaker Win/Mac 5.5-7.1
Adobe PageMaker Win/Mac 6.0-7.0
Adobe InDesign Win/Mac 2.0-4.0
Adobe Illustrator Win/Mac 8.0-12
Adobe PhotoShop Win/Mac 5.0-9.0
Adobe Acrobat Win/Mac 4.0-7.0
QuarkXPress Passport Win/Mac 3.3-7.0
Macromedia FreeHand Win/Mac 8.0-MX2004
Macromedia Flash Win MX/2004
CorelDRAW Win 8.0-12.0
MS Office Win/Mac 97-2003
Auto CAD Win 2000-2004
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