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① Evaluation &Quotation
② Analyzing Assigned Copies
③ Professional Translation
④ Proofreading
⑤ Final Polishing
⑥ Editing & Typesetting
⑦ Delivery
⑧ Quality Following-up
⑨ Establishing Database of Industry Terms
Please read Information for Clients before you entrust us with translation. In order to ensure high quality, please arrange translation as soon as possible, and give us enough time to translate your materials. If possible, please provide references.

    As we deal with language characters, digits and graphics, even a minor mistake or omission would cause material losses to the clients. In order to assure excellent translation and satisfactory service, we strictly follow our quality control flow  "Case analysis – Making translation schedule – Setting up standard of translation for special terms – Translation – Proofreading – After translation process – Delivery – After-service". Our company keeps enhancing the training programs for our employees on their respective specialties, as well as the supervision procedures over translation work.

    After your confirmation of entrustment and the signing of the contract by and between our two parties, an overall analysis on the documents shall be made by our experts, and a translation team shall be established subsequently in terms of specialty, workload and other requirements.

    Making proper schedule on translation, proofreading, typesetting and etc., in order to meet clients'  requirements.

    Analyzing content of documents, and fixing on unified translation standard for some special terms according to specialty of the document, putting forward requirements to translators. A program manager shall be responsible to co-ordinate and supervise the translation process.

    The translation shall be taken under the supervision of program manager, who shall be also in charge of keeping in touch with clients.

    Three times of examinations shall be done in correction and proofreading in the overall process. The first shall be oriented in understanding, expressions, coherent writing, and cultural localization, while the second shall be stressed on professional field, consistency and accuracy of technical terms. The third shall mainly involve the final edition and typesetting, etc.

    After-translation process shall be made according to clients'  requirements, including typesetting, printing, binding up, video editing, etc.

    Finished document may be delivered to clients door-to-door within Shenzhen area on request; in addition, related files shall be under proper disposal as regulated in Confidential Agreement.

    We shall be responsible for any revision needed on translated document within one month after translation fee has been completely paid.

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